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The Witch, Hansel and Gretel, Opera Holland Park, August 2021

"A virtuoso characterisation of the Witch by Fiona Finsbury"

-Richard Morrison, The Times

Tosca, Opera Undone, Trafalgar Studios, February 2020

"Fiona Finsbury’s Tosca was a standout performance, extremely nuanced, and really quite powerful throughout Act II. The notes are there, her upper range entirely confident. She had no difficulty suggesting Tosca’s growing revulsion or despair."

-Marc Bridle, Opera Today

Tosca is played by the mesmerising Fiona Finsbury who is a gutsy Tosca with power and clarity. 

-Maddy Lee, Upper Circle

Hanna, The Path to Heaven (world premiere), by Adam Gorb, Howard Assembly Rooms, June 2018


'Taylor and Finsbury truly shone as Sara and Hanna respectively."


"Finsbury performed a wonderful lullaby at the end of this opening scene which would have broken even the stoniest of hearts."


"It was a quality production, with the orchestra expertly conducted by Mark Heron and exceptional vocal work from Taylor, Finsbury, and Vallis as the leads.”

-Andrew Marsden, number9reviews 

Gretel, Hansel and Gretel, RNCM Opera Theatre, March 2018

"I must particularly praise Fiona Finsbury and Rebecca Barry in the lead roles. They sang beautifully, had completely mastered some complicated choreography and movement, and characterised and enunciated like seasoned troupers."

- Robert Beale, The Arts Desk

"Fiona Finsbury and Rebecca Barry were superb and totally believable as young siblings. The chemistry between them was enormously enjoyable and they found much fun and playfulness in amongst the earnestness of their roles."

"The quality of the singing from all was of an extremely high standard and hugely impressive, and the acting, especially from Finsbury and Barry was excellently measured."

- Matthew Dougall, number9reviews

Cendrillon, Cendrillon, RNCM Opera Theatre, December 2017


"Fiona Finsbury, in the lead role, and Michael Gibson as her prince, were brilliant together."

"They duet while remaining separated by the mirror as La Fee resolves to bring them together. It was one of the most moving scenes I have ever seen. It left me, and I’ll wager most of the audience, in tears."

-Robert Hamilton, Northern Soul

"Fiona Finsbury’s acting was outstanding [...] She has that indefinable attribute of stage presence."

-Robert J Farr, Seen and Heard International

A winsome sounding and delightfully characterised Cendrillon from Fiona Finsbury"

- Robert Beale, The Arts Desk

Carlotta, The Phantom Of The Opera, Her Majesty's Theatre, September 2013-September 2015

I was lucky enough to catch one of Fiona Finsbury’s last turns as opera diva Carlotta. Finsbury has impressed me in the past and this time was no different; she makes the perfect jilted prima dona and her facial expressions (bitch brows!) are continually hilarious.

-Rebecca Felgate, 

From the beginning the vocals are strong, from both Carlotta (Fiona Finsbury) – the opera diva – and her long suffering, also rather dramatic partner Piangi (Jeremy Secomb).

-Naomi Stephens, 

There is excellent work from Joseph Claus, Fiona Finsbury and David Francis as the Il Muto trio. Indeed, the ensemble is terrific in every respect, especially vocally.

-Stephen Collins,

Hansel and Gretel, 2018. Photo Credit_ R
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